9mm Hornady HAP 125gr

9mm Hornady HAP 125gr
  • 125gr Hornady HAP Hollow Point Competition Bullet
  • Vihtavuori Powder
  • Federal Match Primer
  • Cleaned + Polished Range Brass
  • 1.065 C.O.L. +/- .002
  • 1042 fps / 130.2 Power Factor
  • 50 round box

This load was developed to Win Matches. Hollow Point bullets from Hornady are some of the most consistent available.  When accuracy and reliability is a must to gain the edge on the competition, Hornady HAP bullets will get the job done.  This load is also reduced recoil but that was not the main focus in development.  Maximum point blank range is where this offering shines. The powder is a bit slower and the projectile leaves fast providing a much flatter trajectory than the light loaded Lead and Coated bullets.  The only variable that is hard to tame w/ a jacketed Hollow point load is the cost.  I suggest, and do myself, running your local matches and practice with lead or coated bullets, and then switch to the HAP for the win at the big Area or State Match.

Bullet size is .356" and cannot be changed.

Point Blank Range:  The distance between a firearm and a target of a given size such that the bullet in flight is expected to strike the target without adjusting the elevation

All ammunition is Guaranteed to make a minimum of 125 PF between 32 & 100 degrees F @ sea level

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